The owner, and creator of Maple and Ember. Why the name Maple and Ember you may ask? Well, there are two good reasons as to why. 1. Maple and 2. Ember - my two beautiful rescue pups! Now, why stationery? Well, my entire life I've been a creator.  I love art, design, music, writing - anything creative basically, and along with that, I'm a firm believer that all of life's moments should be treated as an experience. A bride-to-be myself, I wanted my invitations to represent my fiancé and me in full, as well as my event - but that's hard to find! So that's when Maple and Ember started. 

For the high price tag usually placed on custom invitations, I decided that rather than purchasing an invitation suite and spending way too much money, I'm going to create my own- and that's what I did.  And the rest was history. 

I guarantee a custom experience like no other because only life's biggest events get invitations, and to me, your invitations should represent how special and important the event is. I'm the designer of all the invitations, and I craft, hand-make, and assemble each and every invitation, making sure it is the perfect representation of what you imagined.  With the highest quality materials, and the care and attention that are given to each design and card, and priced-right, my promise is to work hand in hand with you in the creative process for your invitations, while also producing them on the most amazing papers, with the best textures, best colors, and all the extras in between! 



Maple and Ember offers couples a completely custom experience. Alexandria works directly with a client's interests, and creates a suite to complement tastes and styles. Fully custom, every package is tastefully designed and each piece of stationery is made from scratch, to match the interests of the to-be-weds. 


Working one-on-one with every client, Maple and Ember strives to create suites with the utmost attention to detail. Liaising directly with Alexandria, couples can put their mark on a collection and truly make it their own.


There is nothing this designer loves more than to piece together a compilation of fine-textured papers, striking color palettes, and your special wedding details. Using the highest quality materials, Maple and Ember ensures a luxury, hands-on experience, while being as affordable as possible.