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10 Best Wedding Streaming Platforms

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic made many realize that they can do so much virtually,

even at a wedding. It is not uncommon to hear about a virtual wedding event coming

up these days. Many wedding organizers have grown accustomed to this fact and

now eagerly ask their clients if they have any virtual wedding plans.

Everything about a wedding can be done online now, including the venue, vendors, officiant, fashion, and more. A good reason for this is that live streaming is a simple, very affordable way to include guests who couldn't physically attend your wedding. And the wedding

streaming app/platforms are here to make it more appropriate. It is your choice to be

as elaborate as you want or make it a simple virtual wedding. Your live streaming

platform can match whichever style you want.

Wedding streaming apps or platforms can be divided into two - full-service media

and DIY platforms, depending on the uses of the forum. This division is not absolute

as one can have the qualities of being a full-service platform yet have DIY features.

The full-service media come as mainly SaaS products, and some of them can be

pretty pricey. They come with all the bells and whistles to make your occasion a

great one. In contrast, the DIY platforms are more traditional and found in our regular

social media and communication apps. These platforms are less polished but are

almost free.

Here are the best ten wedding live streaming platforms we have found to help you

share your wedding with friends and family in different parts of the world.

1. LoveStream:

This is a live streaming platform built specifically for virtual weddings. LoveStream has all the features you need to stream your wedding effectively. There is an easy, simple set-up, one-click streaming access so everyone anywhere in the world can join, different options for multiple camera views, guest books, and more.

2. Simply Eloped:

Planning to elope, let Simply Eloped help you. This service prides itself in helping you have a private wedding in a great location and then stream the wedding to your family back home. You have little to no guests, and you can stay anywhere around the world. They help you choose an exotic and also with the technology for streaming the wedding. Simply Eloped can also record your small, private wedding so you can show your grandkids.

3. Wedfuly:

This is another wedding streaming platform that collaborates with the video meeting platform Zoom. It offers two packages: a 2hours live interactive and a 1hours live viewing. Their offers also include MCs, e-invites, custom wedding websites, highlight reels, rental equipment, tech support, and much more.

4. WedWed Mobile:

This platform can help you e-sign your marriage certificate and get it the same day. Here, the wedding is performed by ordained court wedding officiants that cover all US states worldwide. This wedding app tool not only helps you to live stream your event but helps you to video e-vite your friends and family.

5. Married Livestream:

This professional live streaming and videography platform is designed to make your virtual wedding a success. Now you don't have to worry about your wedding being handled by a professional, as Married Livestream will make that happen. They provide professional

videography of your big day with high-quality audio and multiple camera angles.

6. Powder &Pearls:

This is a video streaming service based in the UK, and they offer couples a professional live streaming & videography option. They are a cinematography team that creates live & traditional wedding videos for virtual couples.

7. Lovecast –

This is a DIY live streaming platform that is simple and free! It is a wedding Livestream mobile app that uses text notification to alert guests that it's time to celebrate. There is no download required, and it offers live chat, easy one-click streaming access for unlimited guests, and 1080HD video quality.

8. WedSites:

WedSites is another virtual wedding platform that makes it easy to link any of their virtual wedding events to your website. It could be a proposal, engagement party, bridal showers, and the wedding proper. All you need is to embed a link from them to our site.

9. Joy:

This wedding website builder gives you easy access to live streaming through their wedding website by using any live streaming platform of your choice. You can use Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, etc.

10. Zoom:

You are probably already familiar with using Zoom for meetings and conferences. Do you know that you can use it for your virtual wedding ceremony? Yes, create & schedule an appointment, share the link and password credentials with guests, and your wedding live streaming platform is ready. You can use any webcam device to stream your wedding live. Bear in mind that the platform allows 100 participants and 40 mins for free. You can upgrade for more guests and longer calls.

Apart from the platforms mentioned above, you can use Google Hangouts, Facebook live, youtube live, and Instagram Live to stream your wedding. There you have it. Ten of the best wedding streaming platforms you can use to make your

special day a very memorable one.

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