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5 Reasons Why Stationery is More Important Than You Think

They proposed and you said yes. Yay!! Now the fun part begins. Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful, especially if you are not organized. Ask anyone who has gone through this process recently. They will tell you - it's not always a walk in the park. Although choices are so fun, there are so many to make - from the wedding venue to the stationery. However, if Maple and Ember can help ease the stress of it all in any way - it's with your invites! Speaking of which, let's have a look at wedding stationery, and why stationery is more important than you think.

1. It serves a purpose

Your stationery journey starts with Save-the-dates! Only those attending the wedding should be receiving these. You could have them completely customized to suit your needs. Save the Dates should be sent out 6-12 months before your wedding!

After these, the actual invites get sent out! Invites are the most important part of the entire stationery process! Invites are the first part of any event, and they have to be as special as you and your fiance are! Creating invitations should be an experience, as Maple and Ember always say.

Other types of stationery like programs and place cards are also created to match your décor. They highlight where everyone will sit. The programs are vital for the ceremony as it details who is doing what. Also, after the wedding, the thank-you cards are an expression of appreciation!

2. Stationery Sets the Tone for the Wedding

Very often stationery will give a glimpse of the wedding theme. Whether BOHO chic, whimsical, elegant, art-deco, themed, simplistic, romantic, a garden party, or alternative - invitations not only invite the guests to your wedding but gives your guests an amazing expectation of what's to come!

3. Stationery Conveys a Message

Critical information about the event gets shared in the wedding invitation. The date, the location, the venue - and also, for instance, the dress code. Whether Cocktail Attire, Black Tie, or Casual - your guests will appreciate that you clued them in. Other info includes directions to the venue, what time to be there, and where to go.

The RSVP function is super useful as it helps you know who will be attending or not, and sometimes even their meal choice, or, even a song that they would love to hear during the night! This enables you to check in about your guest count, and cater to their needs.

The Detail/ Accommodation card highlights any important information like Hotel Block info, wedding websites, shuttle service - or absolutely anything else you want your guests to know!

There are also extra cards like reception cards, direction cards, rehearsal dinner invites and so forth that can be added to your suite, to make it that much more, extra special, and more customizable to you!

4. Stationery Creates Eagerness and Excitement

Stationery helps create eagerness by adding in those personal touches. Your love story adds a unique spin to your upcoming events. Those invited won’t want to wait or miss out on the memorable event you invited them to. Everyone involved will have something to look forward to, and your stationery sets that tone from the beginning!

5. Stationery is a Keepsake to Treasure

Wedding invitations are actually like letters that invite guests to attend your wedding. Your bespoke wedding stationery will make amazing souvenirs. A special reminder of the most amazing time of your life!

So as you can see the stationery is not really a novelty item as some may think. It serves to create excitement, convey a message and hold memories. It is a conduit to share your personality and love story - and Maple and Ember loves to help you do that!

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Reisian Mulder
Reisian Mulder
Sep 28, 2021


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