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8 Sustainable Wedding Shops

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Uniting with a partner in a marriage can be a cumbersome task, especially when you want all of the traditional elements of a wedding without the waste and environmental ruin that can come along with it. A conscious bride considers how their big day affects the world around them, and puts the work in to carefully execute each step, moving forward without leaving their care for the planet behind. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 sustainable wedding shops for conscious brides including eco-friendly wedding dresses, shoes, jewelry, invitations, and floral arrangements.

The Sustainable Wedding Dress

Location: United Kingdom

Sustainability: This eco-friendly fairytale shop features a myriad of collections, including a vegan collection. Their commitment to traceability, zero waste, fair wages, and preservation of craftsmanship makes them one of the many sustainable dress shops reshaping the wedding industry. Some of the materials they use include 100 % organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and wild nettle.

Price Point: Unlisted

Location: 100% Online

Sustainability: Wear Your Love is designed by Jillian Leigh with people and the planet in mind. The elegant designs are brought to reality in Northern California by people earning a liveable wage and benefits for their intricate work. Wear Your Love uses a low-waste approach by donating and recycling unused material. The dresses are also made with 100% organic cotton.

Price Point: $1,000.00-$2,080.00

Sustainable Shoe Options

Location: United Kingdom (Online)

Sustainability: Not only are these bridal shoes sustainable and exquisite, but they’re also vegan. Handcrafted in Spain, any of the listed shoe options would be the perfect fit for an ethical bride. Fabrics such as cotton-backed polyurethane (PU) and 100% faux leather make up the shoes, ensuring that production causes the least amount of harm to Earthlings and the environment.

Price Point: $180.00-$345.00

Location: New York (Online)

Sustainability: This woman-led shop designs classic styles with a flair using sustainable materials like apple leather and recycled plastic. Their dedication to making the world a better place extends beyond sustainable, vegan materials; the company also practices philanthropy by donating at least 1% of earnings directly to social impact causes.

Price Point: $268.00-$348.00

Eco-friendly Flower Arrangements

Location: NYC & Tri-state area

Sustainability: Glam Gardener NYC is a local forager and artisan who works to design sustainable floral wedding arrangements that are foraged with healthy space to grow in their natural environment, avoiding conditions that impact flower industry workers and the planet such as the use of pesticides and synthetic dyes.

Price Point: $40.00-$95.00 (custom order options available)

Location: 100% Online

Sustainability: Made using foraged and locally grown flowers, Westerwisp arranges dried flowers into huge, whimsical creations handmade for the conscious bride. Flowers are sourced sustainably without dyes, bleach, or unruly factory practices.

Price Point: $23.00-$455.00

Eco-conscious Wedding Jewelry

Location: Cobble Hill, Berkeley (Online)

Sustainability: Every piece by Melissa Joy Manning is designed in their green-certified studio located in California. Their tasteful pieces are created with recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. The company is also dedicated to a low carbon footprint, using only post-consumer packing materials.

Price Point: $380.00-$4,000.00

Location: New York (Online)

Sustainability: Aurate prides themselves on their dedication to creating refined pieces using ethically-sourced diamonds, 100% recycled gold, and sustainably harvested pearls. Their mining and harvesting processes ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for employees.

Price Point: $80.00-$3,000.00

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